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TRisTaN avakian

TRisTan avakian


After getting a first dose of his older sister’s record collection, Avakian picked up the guitar and has not put it down since. By the time he was 16, he was a fixture of the New York City club scene, playing stages like CBGB’s and Max’s Kansas City when he was still too young to be in the crowd. “I learned a lot about music,” says Avakian, “and a lot about life.”

Lessons from the legendary Steve Vai and watching Steve Stevens ascend to fame in Billy Idol’s band influenced Avakian to follow the same path: “It wasn’t anything specific they showed me as much as seeing their work ethic... (that is) what shaped me as a player.”

From there, he worked with a truly diverse batch of artists: the New York Dolls’ Syl Sylvain, punk poet Jim Carroll, pop diva Mariah Carey, hardcore icons Biohazard and hip hop star Lauryn Hill. 

In addition to appearing with 80s hitmakers Night Ranger and Christmas rock icons the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, he has worked as lead guitarist for many musicals, including 'We Will Rock You', 'Book of Mormon', 'The Bodyguard', 'Kinky Boots' and 'Rock of Ages'.

He was selected by Roger Taylor of Queen to represent Brian May in the first North American tour of the official Queen tribute, 'Queen Extravaganza'.

Tristan also completed a summer/fall tenure with 'Absolute Journey Tribute' in 2017, and will continue performing the music of Journey as a rotational member of 'Epic Journey'.

Currently, he is the lead guitarist of the Meatloaf Musical 'Bat Out Of Hell', and is focusing on his artist career with his debut album of classic story-song, As Waters. 

paul Ross


paul Ross

Paul Ross has been a mainstay in the Toronto music scene for over 2 decades, laying down the groove for countless bands live & in the studio.


Known for his unwavering bottom end, precise technique & harmony vocals, Paul was tailor-made for reproducing the playing style of Ross Valory.  Being a huge fan of Ross Valory doesn't hurt either!

He was resident bassist & background vocalist in 'Absolute Journey Tribute' in their Mk.III Lineup, and finished his tenure in 2016 to pursue other musical projects.


Paul now performs regularly with Toronto Top 40 Favourite, 'Skip Tracer'.  Most recently, he became the new bassist for Industrial/Electronic Rock Band 'c0ndu1t' & has been working with the group in the studio for an upcoming album release.

We welcome Paul back with open arms into the 'Journey' camp as a rotational member of 'Epic Journey'.




Roy Nichol simply has the gift of 'The Voice', that uncanny smooth & powerful tenor that Steve Perry Era Journey Fans yearn for -- and it's what ensures that you Don't Stop Believing that this magical era will never end!

In addition to being a talented multi-instrumentalist, Roy is also a gifted recording engineer & producer.

His effortless renditions of the Journey Classics will send shivers down your spine with a rare soulfulness reminiscent of Steve Perry - not an easy feat & not an easy claim!


As 'The Voice' of 'Epic Journey', this charismatic frontman is the perfect choice for the signature soaring vocals that is a signature of that classic Journey sound.

Roy is also currently recording with 'Epic Journey' on a forth-coming full-length Journey Tribute album for late 2018 release.

When he's not paying homage to Steve Perry's acrobatic tenor, he can be found either producing in his recording studio (Dream Builder Studio) in Cornwall, Canada or on stages around the world as the drummer for legendary Canadian band 'April Wine'.


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