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Jeff Salem is an internationally recognized freelance percussionist based in Toronto, ON, Canada.  He has toured, recorded and performed in over 70 countries.
Throughout his career, as an active clinician and educator, Jeff has performed percussion workshops in over 1000 schools since 1994 throughout North America.  He is the founding member of the group Enviro Drum and is a member of the Rob Tardik band.  Jeff has recorded on over 50 CD’s plus several
jingles, songs for movies plus many tracks for winners of Canadian Idol. 
Jeff is the author of two publications through Hudson Music titled “Messin' Wid Da Bull” and “A Rhythmic Twist”.  He is also a freelance writer for Modern Drummer and Canadian Musician magazines.  Jeff is also the owner of his own teaching school
'JS Music Studio' & a Hot Sauce Company 'Salem's Lott Scary Hot Sauces'.
His professional career started in his late teens performing and recording with well known rock bands such as Fist (A&M), Sword (Aquarius), Saints & Sinners (Savage/BMG), Lee Aaron (Attic), Randy Bachman, Robben Ford, Coop-De-Ville, Kalan Porter (Canadian Idol Winner 2004), and many other artists.
A founding member of 'Absolute Journey Tribute', Jeff completed his tenure in 2017 & now co-leads 'Epic Journey.'




Peter Tong is a bonafide veteran in the music business, both locally & abroad.


He was a founding member in North America’s first Supertramp Tribute Act ‘Asylum’ from 1989-1993 as the primary Keyboard Player.


Upon disbanding, Peter enrolled in Toronto’s acclaimed ‘Humber College of the Performing Arts’ to further his studies in Jazz Improv, acquiring a Diploma in Solo Performance.

By 1997, he was off on tour around the world leading his own Top 40/R&B/Funk Quintet which stationed him in such diverse places as Seoul Korea, Beijing China, & Dubai UAE,  & capped his world-travelling career in 2000 performing with 'Johnny Danger' on the 'Grand Princess' Cruise Ship, travelling from Barcelona to Turkey.

Peter would go on to become an independent Jingle Writer in Toronto for TV & Commercials (some notable clients include City TV, MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic & Global TV), while operating his Production company, 'P.T. Productions Music Services' providing Producing/Engineering/Recording services.

Completing a one-year tenure with 'Absolute Journey Tribute' in 2017, he now co-leads 'Epic Journey'.


Peter also owns & operates 'Mojo Music', a Boutique Musical Instrument Retailer in Oakville Canada, as well as a Hot Sauce Company, 'Mojo Peppa Sauce'.




Gino is an axe-slinging chameleon.  A veteran on the Theatre & Tribute circuit, he has recently performed 'Rock Of Ages' for Drayton Productions at the Dunfield Theatre in Canada & aboard the 'Norwegian Breakaway' Cruise Ship for a 4th successful contract.


He has also worked with the world-renown 'Classic Albums Live' franchise, performing such shows as Led Zeppelin II, Dark Side Of The Moon (Pink Floyd) & Rumours (Fleetwood Mac).


His Musical Theatre credits include Mirvish & Drayton Productions 'Kinky Boots', 'Rock Of Ages', 'Footloose', 'Twist And Shout', 'Legally Blonde', '9 To 5', 'The Wedding Singer', 'A Chorus Line', 'Fiddler on the Roof', 'The Full Monty' and still many more for 'Stage West Mississauga'.


Gino also performs regularly with 'The AC/DC Show Canada', 'Stayin’ Alive Canada' (Bee Gees tribute), Sonic Eve, Jeff Brewer (Billy Joel Tribute, CCR Tribute), Jeff Callery, and Eric Lambier (Solo Artist, Shania Twain).


He has worked with Yvan Pednault (Queen Extravaganza, Rock of Ages, We Will Rock You), Drew Wright (Canadian Idol), Aaron Walpole (Jesus Christ Superstar, Rock of Ages, Canadian Idol), Valerie Stanois (Rock of Ages, We Will Rock You), and Terry Hatty (Guess Who), among other industry luminaries.

Having completed a one-year tenure with 'Absolute Journey Tribute' in the Spring of 2017, Gino continues to rock Journey fans across the land in 'Epic Journey'.

kEvin 'ToaD' sauLNIER


kEvin 'ToaD' sauLNIER

Hailing from Canada's East Coast & now based in Toronto Canada, Toad is a versatile multi-instrumentalist proficient at Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Hand Percussion & Vocals.  This vast skill set has kept him busy as an in-demand 'gun for hire' in the Canadian Music Industry for over two decades. 

A consummate pro, he brings with him a wealth of international touring experience as a performer, along with extensive knowledge of behind-the-scenes production, staging and sound reinforcement. 


Toad has appeared in countless Radio/TV appearances & have performed on all of the major Late Night TV Shows such as Jay Leno & David Letterman, to Iconic Shows like Top of the Pops.

He has also performed in some of the largest concert arenas, stages & music festivals around the world.


Highlights include recording and touring with the likes of Nelly Furtado, The All-American Rejects, Lawrence Gowan, Alan Frew, Small Town Pistols, Honeymoon Suite, David Archuleta, David Osmond, Holly Woods & Toronto,  and Canada's 'Metal Queen', Lee Aaron.

Completing a 6 month tenure with 'Absolute Journey Tribute' in 2017, Toad now locks down the groove with 'Epic Journey'.

NicK RoY

NicK RoY


Nick Roy simply has the gift of 'The Voice', that uncanny smooth & powerful tenor that Steve Perry Era Journey Fans yearn for -- and it's what ensures that you Don't Stop Believing at every 'Epic Journey' show!

In addition to being a talented multi-instrumentalist, Nick is also a gifted recording engineer & producer.

His effortless renditions of the Journey Classics will send shivers down your spine with a rare soulfulness reminiscent of Steve Perry - not an easy feat & not an easy claim!


As 'The Voice' of 'Epic Journey', this charismatic frontman is the perfect choice for the signature soaring vocals that is a signature of that classic Journey sound.

When he's not paying homage to Steve Perry's acrobatic tenor, he can be found either on stages around the world as an in-demand touring sideman or producing in his recording studio in Canada.


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